Just One Year


When I took my first Camino steps I thought I was starting an 800km hike.  A pilgrimage  that had a beginning, a middle and most definitely an ending at Santiago.

Exactly a year later and I’m still walking what the Camino started.  A journey that I’m on for life. My life.  It’s impossible to forget the lessons the road taught me or to try explain the pecularity of the Camino.



There’s no Going Back

SONY DSCThe Camino calls to me and next month I’m returning to Spain to walk again.

I am changed and there’s no going back to who I was before I walked.  Returning home with the clarity that the Camino bestoyed upon me, I’ve had the chance to see my life in sharp focus.  A gift indeed, but with that comes a responsibility to follow through and that’s the dificult part.

I’ve discovered I can’t unknow something even if I wanted to.  The new path contains no surety and is littered with dissapearing corners disguising the future.  A scary place to be, yet after walking the pilgrim path and seeing the wonders and possibilities that the world holds,  I cannot not continue down that new road.  I am choosing to follow my heart.

So my plans are to walk the final 100km from Santiago to Finisterre in August and perhaps a little more if time and my feet allow.  Then I shall meet my parents, who are visiting family in Scotland and I’ll escort them on their first trip to Europe.

I hope you will join me on this adventure called my life.

PS  Limited stone carrrying service if you would like an intention stone left at the Santiago Cathedral.